Yoga 1:1 - Biomechanical Assessment

yoga classes in BathAbout Diane

Diane has become one of the UK's only independent Hot Yoga Teacher's and Yoga Sports Coaches, analysing the biomechanics of Yoga within a sports context. This enables her to focus on safe, functional and applicable Yoga techniques for all abilities within Yoga classes, 1:1 sessions and when working with sports teams, including Mark Webber's Human Performance Team. She has trained with some of the worlds leading Yoga teachers, including Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and David Swenson. She is a Sweaty Betty Ambassador and a chosen Guest Presenter for Champneys brand.

What does a 'Yoga Sports Specialist mean'?

Diane is one of just 10 Yoga Sports Specialists in the country, after completing a post graduate course in Yoga Sports Science and is a certified Sports Coach in the UK, with accreditation from the Yoga Alliance, Sports Coach UK, British Wheel of Yoga, UK Sport etc. This means she understands the anatomy of movement within any given sport or exercise undertaken. Through individual relationship building or with the support of a coach or advisor yoga techniques can be applied to maximise health and sporting performance, to gain that extra 1% of excellence needed for maximal achievement!

What does a Yoga 1:1 involve and who does it cater for?

Your first 1:1 session with Diane will include a comprehensive 90 minute Biomechanical Assessment, which will involve a complex range of tests to evaluate your muscle and joint ranges and differences in various movement patterns. Dependent on your needs, aims and objectives which are agreed during this assessment will depend on the type of yoga plan is required. Diane's unique experience can cater for all cliets, from someone first trying yoga and feeling embarrassed to start a group class because of inflexibility to elite sports stars looking at gaining that extra 1% in performance needed to win!

Why is this needed and is it important?

By carrying out your unique bodily assessment, Diane can discuss and then determine what type of yoga session is best for you and your body and mind's needs. The right and the left hand side of the body do not neccessarily work together exactly the same, so it is important to look at these differences within your sport or day to day activities to see whether some minor adjustments need to be practised. This is important in injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as making you feel fantastic after each 1:1 session.

I have never done yoga before, is it too late to get started and what benefits does it provide?

Yoga can be started at anytime in your life and it is never too late to begin. One thing is certain asthe boy ages it's mobility starts to decrease and muscles become less strong and joints stiffer. Yoga can help to reverse this ageing process by increasing strength, mobility, stamina, cardiovascular and lung capacity as well as more mental focus, concentration and relaxation.

Can it ease sore backs, hips and hamstrings etc?

Yes absolutely, 70% of the UK's population is off work for one reason or another for musculo-skeletal pain. Yoga can act as a preventative medicine to avoid ongoing pain which limit your enjoyment of sport and life in general!

How much does it cost?

It depends on what your requirements are in terms of individual 1:1 session frequency, lesson plan content and coaching contact with Diane but can all be catered for your needs! 

In brief Yoga Sports Science can facilitate athletes':