Hot Yoga FAQ's

I have never tried ANY Yoga, and this is my first Hot Yoga Class, what should I expect?

Hot Yoga is designed for everyone and all levels. In a mixed class beginners will learn from the more experienced students and also the teacher will ensure you receive additional attention. Results are very quick and noticeable and Hot Yoga is an amazing way to experience all levels of yoga postures.

Itís my first class, what should I do?

Then you have a lot to look forward to? Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before class for your first class, so you can talk to the teacher and fill in a health questionnaire. You should have already read all contraindications and terms and conditions online, but also ensure the teacher knows any medical conditions prior to starting.

I am fed up of Personal Training and going to the gym but want to lose weight, will this help?

Power Yoga and Hot Yoga are great ways to have fun, gain flexibility, remove toxins and burn lots of calories in the process! Weight loss and maintenance will never happen if diet is not taken into consideration. Itís a 50/50 split between diet and exercise. By practising Yoga is will make you want to be healthier, as the endorphins released to increase your sense of wellbeing and stress reduction means you should choose healthier food options, as well as increase your energy levels.