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YOGA RETREAT WEEK with Diane Lee, BYS Teacher
Meribel, France - Sleeps 8
7th - 14th January, 2017

£799 Twin, Fully Catered

The chalet has a large open plan living/dining room with spectacular views both up and down the main Meribel Valley.

The kitchen & bathrooms are finished to a high, modern, clean but the chalet is also traditionally homely with under floor heating and an open wood burning fire for that authentic 'chalet atmosphere'.

Meribel, France

Advisable to rent a ski locker at the bottom of the main lifts in Meribel. This means you can travel to and from the main Chaudanne lifts in your comfortable walking shoes. Red ski run to chalet for Intermediates+. The lockers, which are in a well heated room, cost about 50 euros for the week but take 3 sets of skis and boots.


• Pre-Ski & Post-Ski Yoga most, x5 days
• Sleeps 8, 2 x twin rooms with ensuite bathroom
• 2 x double room with ensuite bathroom
• 1 separate WC
• WiFi, TV & DVD
• Large balcony
• Bed linen and towels provided
• Ski access: Free Bus / Ski Back

Flights from Bristol, transfers TBC. Currently £59 + Baggage (Aug '16 prices)

Contact Diane Lee to book on: 07946 663464

Diane is also hosting the following courses

First (Root) Chakra: Rooting and Grounding with Sandra Robinson

Friday 14th October 7.30pm-9.30pm

Diane Lee welcomes Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson for a weekend of Workshops

First (Root) Chakra: Rooting and Grounding

The first chakra is all about having the right to be here and the right to have what one needs to survive.

The intent of this two-hour workshop is to get connected to legs and feet and by doing so to experience a sense of trust and holding.

This session uses a Forrest Yoga Standing Pose Series to help you to build a strong container where transformation can happen.



Fourth (Heart) Chakra: Compassion and Self-love with Sandra Robinson

Saturday 15th October 2.30pm-4.30pm

Diane Lee welcomes Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson for a weekend of Workshops

Fourth (Heart) Chakra: Compassion and Self-love

The workshop uses backbends and chest opening poses to invite self-love and compassion into the body.

The emphasis is on breathing into the heart more slowly and to feel what can be sensed in that area – without immediately demanding for things to be different.

By being with what is, the heart will open up without needing to be forced.



Fifth (Throat) Chakra: Authentic Voice with Sandra Robinson

Sunday 16th October 12-3pm

Diane Lee welcomes Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson for a weekend of Workshops

Fifth (Throat) Chakra: Authentic Voice

The fifth chakra is about communication, creativity and finding one’s own voice. Conditioning, excessive responsibilities and lack of support all contribute to one’s loss of voice. The basic right here is to speak and to be heard. The workshop will use an intense Forrest Yoga sequence to open up the throat and neck to experience the sound of your authentic voice.



WILD WOMEN - Manipura Chakra with Sarah Harlow

Sunday 23rd October 2pm-4.30pm

Diane Lee welcomes Sarah Harlow, Tantra, Ashtanga, Advanced Forrest Teacher and Midwife

Yoga for Wild women was born out of my passion for the Empowerment and Emancipation for all women.

The word “wild” is not used in its modern pejorative sense, meaning animalistic or out of control, but in its original meaning- to live in freedom and in harmony with nature.

This is the third of a series of workshops using the Chakras a functional map. Seven lenses to explore our psycho-emotional self through conscious embodiment.

The Chakras are also an invitation to consider the subtle body, the unseen world which includes our intuition and psychic perception.

Next is Manipura- Meaning "City of Jewels", here we find our personal power, our creative fire and our will. Manipura is an invitation to 'burn through' what limits us from experiencing real empowerment. Power that is fuel for the heart not for our unmet needs or ego.

Manipura asks us to heal our self doubt & enhance our self esteem so that we can take responsibility for our lives and our actions. Manipura is also out gut instinct, how we digest life and governs the digestive system.

So we will build our inner fire to enable us to fulfil our unique purpose- Thy Will be done... we use use Kriyas,Breath, Asana, Mantra, Meditation/Contemplation and self refection for our own and mutual empowerment.

All levels welcome.



Please make payments to:

Diane Lee


To BOOK contact: or call: 07946 663464